Bluepower’s main speciality is no-entry silo cleaning. That is to say silo cleaning using a BinWhip system. The system is efficient, profitable and safe. We are happy to take on projects in the Nordic region and throughout Europe.

Bluepower specialises in no-entry silo cleaning, which means that we use robots instead of performing manual work. Using the BinDrill and BinWhip solutions from Pneumat, we can automate everything without the need for flushing with water. This is both highly efficient and profitable. No-one has to enter the silo. If necessary, we firstly use BinDrill to drill a hole to open a channel from the silo. BinWhip is an automated machine with arms that is lowered down from the top of the silo.  The arms rotate, ensuring that any materials are loosened from the walls.

This solution has numerous advantages:

  • It is efficient – there is no downtime and work can be carried out in the silo without needing to halt production
  • There is no deterioration of materials – the use of high-pressure washing and suction vehicles is avoided
  • Avoids accidents – no-one has to enter the silos
  • It is profitable – the equipment can be reused or sold

Most people who have worked with silos will have experienced them becoming clogged (such as a plug forming at the bottom). Traditionally, silo cleaning was performed by people entering the silo to manually loosen any materials using e.g. high-pressure washers. There are risks associated with such processes and it can also lead to deteriorated materials that need to be discarded. We overcome these challenges.

Customised for your business

The equipment can be customised for the silo contents to ensure the most careful operation possible depending on whether the silo is used to store soft or hard contents. The system can be used on anything from cement, gravel, coal and fertiliser to grain, salt and animal feed.

Bluepower provides a complete service. The company’s fully equipped team will bring all the necessary equipment and personnel directly to the customer’s premises. A further advantage is that the customer’s facility can remain operational during cleaning.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or proposed solutions.